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Ensure business continuity in times of COVID-19 pandemic by using ECM solutions

 Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine – Medium The product of the industry 4.0 revolution is Internet connectivity, the widespread availability of robust wired and Wi-Fi networks, and the declining costs of hardware, such as cloud infrastructure and secure handheld devices.This IT infrastructure forms the backbone of a connected ecosystem thereby empowering value chains across geographic boundaries. ECM solutions, whether on-premises or in the cloud, can expand today only because of this solid foundation. These solutions help transform an enterprise into a paperless office as well as move it beyond the brick-and-mortar regime.ECM solutions are the holy grail of intelligent document capture solutions, workflows, storage, document management for easy archiving and retrieval, and more. These integrated solutions allow you to work anytime in a virtual workspace by using digital forms or converting paper forms into digital assets, which are seamlessly managed and stored on the cloud for easy and secure access.A basic workflow digitally moves these assets in and out of stakeholders’ buckets thereby enabling the review and approval process to be performed smoothly. This workflow is easy to create by regular business users and does not require the involvement of software professionals.ECM is cloud-ready and offers a low-code, people-heavy solution, empowering knowledge workers to work from any corner of the world. You can also implement higher degrees of intelligence into workflows by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and intelligent automation layers.ECM solutions are more than regular document management solutions. They host shared documents in specific folder structures. The solutions are easily navigable and allow the administrator to create a view and modify user rights. These easy-to-use solutions help business users make changes and annotations to documents on the go.These solutions are accessible on demand in a few clicks and can be accessed from any secure device — desktop, laptop, or mobile. This high availability of ECM solutions not only speeds up processes but also eliminates bottlenecks. Solutions are easy to deploy across business domains such as HR operations, accounts payable, case management, legal departments, and more.Business Implications• High availability and business continuity are always ensured, 24x7x365• Segmentation and categorization of documents using metadata for easy storage and retrieval• Robust and allows access to thousands of users with depth for people.• Faster approval cycle on documents, thereby eliminating bottlenecks• Integrated business solutions that allow safe working outside of brick-and-mortar offices.• Highly scalable solutions that can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud.AbstractBusinesses need to proactively plan for business continuity and disaster recovery to minimize revenue loss. Investing in cloud-enabled ECM solutions is one such proactive approach. These solutions allow your knowledge workers to stay focused on their work and deliver seamlessly even during war-like situations, nationwide disasters, and disease outbreaks like COVID-19.As the amount of digital content grows year by year, data management will become more difficult and cumbersome. If you think your business can benefit from ECM, contact an expert at Bentech Company for a free consultation to find out how an enterprise content management system can improve your business?Ensure business continuity in times of COVID-19 pandemic by using ECM solutions was originally published in Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read More 

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