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According to industry experience, What is Artificial Intelligence?

 Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine – Medium According to industry experience, what is Artificial Intelligence?In my opinion, AI is just another Business term that defines the simulation of human intelligence by machine or software.For example, if I am releasing software called “BETA” in the market. I can put a tag called AI-enabled product, which will give a feeling that something is beyond old technology. AI is a rebranding technique to sell a product, with a feel that the user is on the current trend.Now when it comes to Developing & Implementing AI-based solutions, there we need these things Machine Learning / Data mining, Deep Learning. The primary goal of ML & DL is to Extract Intelligence from Historical Data, not the current data.Now, what is Machine Learning?It is an implementation technique to extract intelligence from historical data usingData mining Algorithm :a) Regressionb) Classificationc) Clusteringd) Association rule miningStatistics formulas: It is used to test the quality of the model or to reinforce the model which is also known as (Q learning).The problem with ML is your data must be strictly Numeric and data must be strictly structured and semistructured, ML cannot handle Unstructured Data. ML only works on Past Data. Can we forecast using ML, The Answer is YES we can forecast using Regression & Time series.Machine Learning ProcessWhat is Deep Learning?Implementation technique to extract intelligence out of historical data using Neural networks & Statistics formulasNeural networks a) Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for example Number, text data Structured and semi-structured b) Convolutional Neural Networks (ConvNet/CNN) for example works on Image & Video as an Inputc) Recurrent Neural Network(RNN) works on speech recognition and natural language processing, and Sound waves recognition. d) Auto Encoder is an unsupervised artificial neural network that learns how to efficiently compress and encode data.e) Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) to understand LSTM in-depth refer to this link. f) Hybrid Neural Network → combination of all of the above Neural networks.Brain NeuronThis is how brain neuron works.Neural Networks are Inspired by Nature & implemented in MathsThe Activation Function in the Neural network is a thing function that you use to get the output of the node. It is also known as Transfer learn more about the activation function refer to this link between Machine Learning and Deep LearningA Self Driving Car is a good example of a Hybrid Neural Network which is the combination of ANN + CNN + RNN + LSTM + RCNN + DCNN.Happy to be helpful. Support me.So, follow me on Medium & Linkedin to see similar posts related to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to industry experience, What is Artificial Intelligence? was originally published in Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read More 

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