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Scott Kirsner & Alex Slawsby – Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2023: Podcast E164

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Innovation Leader management team of Scott Kirsner (previously on the podcast here) and Alex Slawsby about the breaking new InnoLead reportBenchmarking Innovation Impact 2023“.

We cover the most important data on innovation teams, including the changes in appetite for different types of innovation projects based on the uncertainty in the coming 2023 economy.

Topics covered in this episode:

00:04:00 – The target audience for the 2023 report is anyone involved in innovation in companies with 5,000+ employees
00:08:00 – The data the previous reports from 2018 and 2020 on what innovation portfolio mixes look like
00:13:30 – The 2023 data shows companies are less willing to invest in transformational innovation
00:18:00 – How different teams appear to define the ambition of innovation differently
00:22:45 – The top 10 challenges to innovation in companies
00:24:30 – CEOs are supporting innovation, but executive support seems to be decreasing
00:30:00 – The top 8 enablers of innovation success
00:33:45 – Innovation teams are choosing to work in a hybrid manner
00:41:00 – The trends with hiring and innovation team sizes
00:44:30 – How budgets for innovation teams are falling compared to previous years
00:47:15 – Not enough innovation leaders are acting like intrapreneurs
00:50:00 – This is the year where innovation teams either prove their value or experience pruning

Links mentioned in this episode:

Nick’s summary of the 2023 data and report on Linkedin:
The full report:
Innolead website:

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