Industrial engineering Msc

  • Master of Science with focus on organizational design and consulting.
  • Universidad de los Andes – Uniandes
  • Graduation date: September 1998
  • Winner of the Universidad-Empresa Scholarship
  • Organizational design and introduction to industrial engineering teacher assistant

Mechanical engineering BA

  • Bachelor of arts, Mechanical Engineering Universidad de los Andes.
  • Universidad de los Andes – Uniandes
  • Graduation date: September 1996
  • Artificial intelligence course – 1994

Industrial engineering thesis

Organizational diagnostic of Cooperativa de Gualivá

Grade: 5/5

Diagnosed the organizational structure of a coffee growers cooperative using the images of organization methodology. Found organizational and operational improvement opportunities

Mechanical engineering thesis

Ultrasonic piezo-electric generator

Grade: 5/5

Design, construction and performance analysis of a water cavitation ultrasonic generation device

Other academic projects @uniandes

Helped to develop the national education board its 5 year planning  using Team Syngtegrity methodology.
Team Syntegrity is a systemic protocol designed by Stafford Beer for organising non-hierarchical and democratic conversations among a set number of participants.
More information about the team syntegrity methodology ->

Team Syntegrity

Magnetic levitation ball

Designed a magnetic levitation device similar to the one in the picture. Neverthless the system ran on AC and was very unstable. Today there are much simpler solutions like this one ->

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